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Opening its doors to the city of San Diego in April of 1995, Maria and Rafael had the opportunity to introduce Southern California to the authentic flavors of their native country El Salvador.

Since 1995

Maria, born in Santa Rosa de Lima, a small town bordered by Honduras, grew up in San Miguel, an agricultural region notable for its distinctive cuisine.

Watching her own mother making a living off of food, Maria would work helping her mother, learning from a very young age how to prepare pupusas and other typical Salvadorian dishes.

El Salvadoreño carries the same passion and flavor that characterizes authentic Salvadorian cuisine, offering customers an unforgettable experience.

Reyes was born in Santa Rosa de Lima, a village close to the border of the East of Honduras. She grew up in San Miguel, a farmer region notable for its distinctive cuisine.

His mother was the owner of a food kiosk. Reyes at an early age began to work with his mother to learn to prepare typical pupusas, among other many popular Salvadoran cuisine specialties.

El Salvadoreño retains the same passion and taste that characterizes the authentic food Salvadoran, offering visitors an experience full of freshness, various flavors, and the unique warmth of a family atmosphere

El Salvadoreño, ¡The true taste of El Salvador!